Hi – I’m Neil, a London-based Nutritionist

I help busy professionals achieve optimum wellbeing and vitality through nutritional therapy.

Are you tired of unsustainable and ineffective diets? Are you sick of bloating, pain, digestive issues? Do you need support as you navigate your menopause journey? Are you looking for a single source of truth when it comes to nutrition advice?

Then it’s time to get ahead of your health! My mission is to provide you with no fuss, uncomplicated, personalised nutritional and naturopathic strategies so that you can get control of your health.


Working with a nutritionist – what’s involved?



Services & Packages

Looking for support with weight loss, IBS associated symptoms, hormonal imbalances, I offer a number of packages designed to support your health challenges.

My nutritional programmes are personalised and tailored specifically to your symptoms.



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